Wireless Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case

NOTE: Headset Sold Separately

Get a Carrying Case to Protect Your Headset and Your Music!

Ok, so let’s say that you’ve finally gotten yourself a pair of wireless headsets and you really enjoy them. You use them in the gym, on your commute back and forth to work, while shopping in the grocery store, and during flights. Have you ever thought about protecting them?

These wonderful little headsets go from around your neck to in your purse, work bag, briefcase, or gym bag. Other times they go in your travel bag or on your kitchen counter top when you get home. But, mixing these headsets up with all the other items in your purse, work bag, gym bag, or traveling bag can be hazardous for your headsets health! Why not protect them with a carrying case?

The Wireless Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case will not only protect your headsets but will also serve as a place to store its accessories. These headsets (sold separately) come with a charging cable and several earplugs to adjust for different ear sizes. The case is a great place to keep these accessories readily available.


The Wireless Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case is a hard shell case with a soft interior layer that offers superior protection for your wireless headset. The interior molded design is perfect for keeping the headsets in place. The mesh inside pocket is ideal for holding anything else that might be useful.


This carrying case is compatible with the headset model numbers listed below as well as similar sized headsets: