Samsung 10' Cable with Wall Charger

Convenience and Flexibility

Charge and sync your Samsung Phone or any other Micro USB device with this 10' Charging Cable and Wall Charger. Tired of reaching for your phone only to have the cable pull out of the wall when you try to use it? This lengthy cable lets you connect your device from an extended range, letting you reach it when it’s plugged into the back of a laptop, or into a plug away from you in the airport or on the train. You can even plug it up in your friend’s car and use if while you are in the back seat! Use it while you talk on the phone while lying comfortably in the middle of your bed … talking to all of your friends! The included cube wall charger allows charging at home or in the office using the USB cable. Simply plug the cable into the cube and then plug the cube into the wall. Ready for real comfort? Get connected!


Length: 10’
Type: Charge and Sync Capable
Color: White
Port: Standard USB Port
Compatibility:Samsung Cellular phones and most Micro USB devices.